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What our trainees are saying about training with us!

“The training was well presented and I feel eager and confident to use EMDR with my clients.”

Trainee from EMDR training with an Expressive Arts Therapy Focus - April 2024

“All questions were answered and elaborated on with great care. Great balance between english and spanish. Would recommend to all my fellow bilingual clinicians looking to grow their clinical skills in EMDR modality.”

Trainee from EMDR Training for Bilingual Clinicians -April 2024

“Irene and Yanina were a great team and balanced each other. It was a lot of information, but breaks were well prompted and all questions were answered. They created a warm, safe and inviting space.”

Trainee from EMDR Training for Bilingual Clinicians -April 2024

“Fue excelente! I loved the training, thank you for all the resources!”

Trainee from EMDR Training for Bilingual Clinicians- March 2024

“This was one of the best trainings I have participated in. I am deeply grateful for Irene and Yanina in their wisdom and passion in this work. I am thankful for the work to honor this learning in the context of Indigenous, Tribal and Historical healing traditions and the humility and care that was present in the ways they held space for learning. I learned so much and I am so honored to start doing this work with the knowledge shared. You all are amazing!”

Trainee from EMDR Training for Bilingual Clinicians - August 2023

“Irene is a wonderfully warm and professional trainer. I cannot express in words how supported I felt during this process. I cannot recommend this course any more highly!”

Trainee from EMDR Therapy Training for Bilingual Clinicians - August 2024

“This was an excellent training with ample support and information. The Expressive Arts component amplified and deepened the already rich experience.”

Trainee from EMDR Training with an Expressive Arts Focus- July 2023

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